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Womble dog day care

Baronik equals doggie heaven! ... Our gorgeous rescue dog Womble gets so excited when he knows his going to be collected  he can't wag his tail fast enough! After an action packed day full of exercise and socialising with the other dogs in he gets dropped back home, a very tired and contented boy. He's made lots of new friends and is definitely a more chilled out and sociable dog

Lorrel, Basingstokee

Maggie dog day care

Maggie is our first puppy and we wanted to make sure that we did the very best for her - especially when she was young. Everything I read stressed how important socialising your puppy was and Baronik’s Puppy Day Care was perfect because I know that when Maggie is with the Baronik team she’s having fun with all her friends, learning from the older dogs and gaining the all-important socialisation skills! As a result at six months old, Maggie is now a very confident, friendly dog that’s (mostly) well behaved! all have been extremely helpful answering any questions or concerns I have had about my new puppy

Jessie Brown

rufus dog daycare

I initially contacted Baronik about doggy day care and home boarding  for my then 5 month standard poodle Jarvis. Starting from the initial visit I have found Baronik to be reliable and professional, but I think the most striking thing about him is how much he genuinely cares about my dog.I feel I can totally trust Richard and know by the reaction of Jarvis who can't wait to 

get to the door when he arrives that he is well looked after and has fun packed days with the other dogs and plenty of packed days with the other dogs and plenty of exercise.   I really can't recommend Richard and Laurain enough, they provide a reliable and professional service, is always happy to tell me about the activities of the day and Jarvis absolutely loves them.

Michelle Branley

dog day care stella

Rchard has been looking after Stella regularly now since before she was a year old- she is now 6!! I couldn't recommend Richard high enough - Stella loves her time out and this is evident by the amount of goodbye kisses that he gets on her return home!! Sometimes I am home and sometimes Not and if I'm not she's returned home given time to settle down  In all the years Richard has never not turned up when expected, never a sick day (which you can't say about most people these days,  I also like the fact that he keeps the no of dogs in his care lower than a lot of companies that you see walking 10 plus dogs so you again know they are well cared for and transported safely.

Sara Deven Basingstoke

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