Baronik,s Secure 8 acre dog park is available (when not in use) to existing Baronik clients  for you and your dog to hire on an individual basis. Perfect for dogs that cannot be let off lead and need a place to run in safety. Excellent if your dog does not enjoy the company of other dogs or If you want a hassle free walk where you don't have to worry about other dogs, people or recall fails, or just want to brush up on your training  then our secure field hire is for you.  Not only is it completely secure with 6 foot fencing with lockable gates, it has  wonderful panoramic views.  If you decide to hire the field, you will be the only user at the booked time.  POA

We started letting out our day care and training field for private use.  It started simply because some of our dog behaviour clients wanted to use a safe and secure space without the chance of meeting other dogs or people.  However since we started the number of users has grown considerably and covers many needs from recall and obedience training through to dogs with severe anxiety,  for whatever your reason for wanting to use the space, we are continually told that regular field use has really helped owners with their dogs.

SESSION TIMES - As more and more people use the field we want to avoid the chance of users overlapping and unintentionally causing nervous dogs anxiety.  Therefore to avoid field users meeting, we have set the hire period at 50 minutes which starts on the hour and finishes 10 minutes to the hour – for example a 10:00am booked slot will start at 10:00am and 

finish at 10.50am.  We ask hirers to avoid turning up at  before their start time, and if they do by chance arrive when other users are still there, to wait in their car until they have left.

We also ask users to aim to leave on time so that the next arrival isn’t delayed starting.

50 minute  session per owner.  Prepay deals are available which allow members to buy a package of slots at a reduction on the standard field rate of hire 

Prepay  - This gives you 10 x 60 minutes sessions and  saving you 10% discount

on the normal  cost

Please note all booking have to be paid in advance

by cash or bank transfer, no booking is confirmed until paid in full.....


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