Here at Baronik we have years of experience in training and handling most types of dogs in various fields of work including: security, obedience, agility, close protection, film and TV.

Our training philosophy at Baronik begins with the dog

owner. Our trainers believe in teaching our clients methods designed to successfully train their dogs for a lifetime of companionship. Our fun and informative sessions keep owners involved in their dog's development and encourages participation throughout the learning process. We find that clients who play an active role in their dogs training programs dramatically improve their dog's behaviour and overall skill levels. 

We believe dogs, as well as their owners, all learn at different stages; that’s why we recommended that  dog training and development is carried out on a One2One basis in the dogs natural environment. After all a dog that will do a perfect sit/down in a hall or a field miles from anywhere with no distractions will not react to the same exercise in a high street or busy park! this method has been used for service dogs for years. Socialising and controlled play is a very important aspect of a dogs training and development, again this is hard to achieve in a hall or room etc.


We offer several convenient packages on an one2one basis in the dogs real world, - home, parks, fields etc. that are individual to you and your dog. No two dogs are the same so why should the training be?


Richard has been involved in dogs for over 30 years he is a member of the Kennel Club approved instructors scheme and also an ADTB approved instructor. he follows the Kennel Club and ADTB Code of Practice 

Residential Behaviour Training - Please Read

I am against residential behavioural training and it is not a service I offer or would recommend. It is open to abuse. I have witnessed and heard of what I would call quite serious abuse, whilst dogs are in some of these so-called home training establishments. The problem with residential training is that it’s more of a short term fix and not at the level that is required to change psychological and behavioural problems. Most behaviour issues are related to owner/dog relationships. Owners are often reinforcing bad behaviour or in some cases causing fear, timidity and aggression by rewarding certain actions. How could a residential course sort these problems out long term without the owner present

Just A Few Of Our Recommendations 

I have a 2 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who before joining Baronik  was a 'typical' Staffy - very boisterous, energetic, with an aggressive side to him where other dogs were concerned. He would dart across fields at the first sign of a dog or person, would get into fights with other dogs and to be honest was so much hard work it was not fun having him. I tried many dog

training classes with no joy; they just made him worse and I was not very confident with him, so he played on that. After a few training sessions with Baronik, I learnt how to handle him assertively and confidently. Our relationship changed instantly for the better. Paul Berg Hampshire

We were having real trouble walking our labrador Missy, as she was constantly pulling on the lead and getting distracted when off the lead on walks. I was not enjoying walking her at all and getting increasingly frustrated with her disobedience and general misbehaviour both on walks and at home. I received training with my dog on and off lead, my 

main problem was being tense and nervous whilst having her on lead , i was taught how to hold the lead and how to approach dogs at ease, after few lessons i had this under control and what a difference this made. Then next step was how to get my dog to stay with me off lead instead of running up to anything or anyone again after a few lessons I had full control of her.

Now she is good with all dogs, she is a lot calmer, I am very confident with her and have her completely under control. I enjoy being with her so much now! a really big thanks to Baronik Sue. Middx

Baronik K9 - why send your much loved Dog anywhere else?  Our dog, Diesel, is a rescue dog.  He was very frightened of other dogs, particularly those which were larger than him.  Richard has expended time and lots of patience with Diesel in socialising him with lots of different types of dogs in a very controlled environment.  Diesel can now take his daily dog walks without becoming a jibbering wreck when he passes another dog.  Diesel also  now also loves going to Doggie Day Care one day a week, in fact he sulks for the best part of the next day if Richard doesn’t pick him up   Gratitude!!

Thank you Richard.  Laurie, Malc and Diesel Wuff . Basingstoke




We follow the stringent rules set out by the ADTB


Our Instructors are aware that only kind, motivational methods of training dogs will be tolerated by the ADTB and that any trainer approved by the ADTB would be instantly dismissed from the organisation should any report of harsh handling or cruelty be proven.


Member of the Kennel Club approved instructors scheme..we follow the Kennel Club Code of Practice

Dog Training Services

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