Rated 5 Stars By Basingstoke & Deane Council,

Boarding Licence Number 18/01326/AWAAL

Dogs are more than just animals they are a big part of the family we understand that being a non-franchise family run business and dog owners and lovers ourselves. We are fully licensed and inspected and very proud to say we have been awarded a 5 star rating the highest level by 

 on our inspection from Basingstoke & Deane Council, We started our dog day care and dog walking side of the business in Basingstoke in 2008 to run alongside our Basingstoke dog training and dog behavioural services due to a demand from our customers who found that some other dog carers and dog sitters in the area had no real experience or relevant qualifications and walked the dogs in public parks etc, We found a lot of companies were not specialising exclusively in the care of dogs, as they would take on other pets like cats, rabbits etc. Hence we set up Baronik dog care services which we run from our exclusive 8 acre completely secure dog park. We pride ourselves on the fact we have over 30 years’ experience of caring for and training dogs we hold diplomas in dog training and dog care so you know your dog will be in the best of care while they enjoy their time with us

You wouldn’t leave your child in childcare with just an amateur who does not hold the necessary qualifications so why would you leave your 4 legged family member with one ?.

We provide professional licensed day boarding/dog sitting and dog walking services for dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes which can also be very beneficial for younger dogs to gain very important socialising skills. Your best friend is only a short journey away from receiving the fuss and attention he/she deserves when you cannot be with them. Have peace of mind that your dog really is in the best possible care.


We will make everything as effortless as possible to ensure your dog has a smooth journey and a fun packed day. We are fully licensed to transport animals. Collection will be arranged and your dog will be picked up in our modern air conditioned specialised vans - which is clean, safe with individual IATA approved crates. In the hotter months the dogs will benefit from air conditioning and cool mats in the rear of our vans with the added benefit of electric extractor fans with battery backup, ensuring that they are comfortable for the duration of their short journey and most importantly do not overheat.


We want your doggy to enjoy spending their time with us, we carefully tailor their day to the individual needs of the dog which will be at Baronik's 8 acre fully secure dog park. We go for long countryside walks, allowing the dogs to be unleashed ( with your permission) and enjoy their surroundings with water breaks and socialising with their friends. They are allowed to play, roam, sniff and explore after a fun packed morning it’s time for well-deserved quick rest and dry if wet or cool down if hot at our fully licensed home. After their afternoon break its back to our dog park for more fun until its time to drop them back home just in time for your return.

                                 Just A Few Of Our Recommendations 

To the left is Alice and one of her mates, Blade. She is with us 5 days a week for dog Day Care and she stays with us overnight from time to time in our dog home boarding service. Each day in doggie Day Care she looks forward to being picked up in the morning

and then greeting one of her friends, who has already been picked up. After a short journey she’s off  for a play and run with her four legged companions and after a quick drink and dry (if it’s wet!) it’s time to see who we are picking up next. After a busy morning it’s time to play again in the garden or a nap in the house - and there is always time for a few cuddles!

Early afternoon it’s time for another walk and play with her doggie friends before she goes home just in time to greet mum as she comes home from work.

Baronik equals doggie heaven! ... Our gorgeous rescue dog Womble gets so excited when he sees Rich or Laurain coming to the door to collect him for Doggy Day Care he can't wag his tail fast enough! After an action packed day full of exercise and 

socialising with the other dogs in day care he gets dropped back home, a very tired and contented boy. He's made lots of new friends and is definitely a more chilled out and sociable dog since we started using Baronik's services. He even now has his own chair to relax on after lunch! I would also recommend the one to one dog training sessions as they helped me better understand Womble's personality and develop a structured training programme to compliment his learning ability. Lying in the sun with best friends, plenty of water, a snack, and a nap in the van on the way home - perfect. At night he slept like a baby after all that exercise and I often wished I could trade places with him!  Lorelle, Basingstoke

Maggie is our first puppy and we wanted to make sure that we did the very best for her - especially when she was young. Everything I read stressed how important socialising your puppy was and Baronik’s Puppy Day Care was perfect because I know that when Maggie is with Richard & Laurain she’s having fun with all her friends, learning from the older dogs and 

gaining the all-important socialisation skills! As a result at six months old, Maggie is now a very confident, friendly dog that’s (mostly) well behaved! Richard & Laurain have been extremely helpful answering any questions or concerns I have had about my new puppy – nothing has been too much trouble and I really do feel that I could ask their advice about anything. Maggie originally spent one day a week with Baronik in Puppy Daycare and when we went on holiday it was obvious where we (and she) wanted her to spend the her holidays – with Richard, Laurain & Blade! In their Dog Home Boarding service, Richard & Laurain was so understanding about how nervous I was leaving her for the first time and emailed me letting me know that she was fine and enjoying herself and that I should relax

and do the same.  In the end she enjoyed herself so much that even though she ran to greet us excitedly upon our return she also jumped back into Baronik’s van when it came time for him to leave! Daphne, Basingstoke

I initially contacted Richard and Laurain about doggy day care and home boarding  for my then 5 month standard poodle Jarvis. Starting from the initial visit I have found Baronik to be reliable and professional, but I think the most striking thing about him is how much he genuinely cares about my dog.I feel I can totally trust Richard and know by the reaction of Jarvis who can't wait to 

get to the door when he arrives that he is well looked after and has fun packed days with the other dogs and plenty of packed days with the other dogs and plenty of exercise.   I really can't recommend Richard and Laurain enough, they provide a reliable and professional service, is always happy to tell me about the activities of the day and Jarvis absolutely loves him. Michelle (Bramley)

It was naturally with some trepidation that we decided to entrust our new puppy, Flo the Floodle, to Baronik’s doggy day care service.  What a brilliant decision that was!  Not only does Flo get to socialise and exercise with other dogs in a structured way, but she also clearly absolutely adores Richard (and dogs, 

even young ones) are excellent judges of character.  Inevitably with a puppy we have also found Richard to be a great source of both knowledge and always happy to offer advice and support, above and beyond the of duty, to help build our confidence.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Richard and his service to any owners who really care about their dogs. Tracie & Andrew. Basingstoke.

Richard has been looking after Stella regularly now since before she was a year old- she is now 6!! I couldn't recommend Richard high enough - Stella loves her day out and this is evident by the amount of goodbye kisses that he gets on her return home!! Sometimes I am home and 

sometimes Not and if I'm not she's returned home given time in the garden and settled down to wait for our return.  In all the years Richard has never not turned up when expected, never had a sick day (which you can't say about most people these days  and on the occasions of holiday he has given a lot of Advanced notice so you can make alternative plans well in advanced. Truely a professional with the welfare of the dogs in his care his Prime responsibility.  At the early stages I recommended Richard to a good friend who still uses his services today with similar views to me.  I also like the fact that he keeps the no of dogs in his care lower than a lot of companies that you see walking 10 plus dogs so you again know they are well cared for and transported safely. 

If you ever get to use his services you will find yourself under the spotlight being interviewed before he will even take your dog on as he wants all the dogs to be social which again is so important for the welfare of your dog and peace of mind for yourself. Sarah Deven Basingstoke

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Dog Day Care / Dog Sitting Services

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