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What We Can Offer You and Your Dog

Behaviour Consulting 

Please  Note we are unable  to take any new clients on due to current workload and full waiting list. 

Personalised and Professional

Here at Baronik we have years of experience in training and handling most types of dogs in various fields of work including: security, obedience, agility, close protection, film and TV.

Our training philosophy at Baronik begins with the dog

owner. Our trainers believe in teaching our clients methods designed to successfully train their dogs for a lifetime of companionship. Our fun and informative sessions keep owners involved in their dog's development and encourages participation throughout the learning process. We find that clients who play an active role in their dogs training programs dramatically improve their dog's behaviour and overall skill levels. 

We believe dogs, as well as their owners, all learn at different stages; that’s why we recommended that  dog training and development is carried out on a One2One basis in the dogs natural environment. After all a dog that will do a perfect sit/down in a hall or a field miles from anywhere with no

Dog Training

Behaviour Consulting

Accommodating Your Lifestyle

distractions will not react to the same exercise in a high street or busy park! this method has been used for service dogs for years. Socialising and controlled play is a very important aspect of a dogs training and development, again this is hard to achieve in a hall or room etc.

We offer several convenient packages on an one2one basis in the dogs real world, - home, parks, fields etc. that are individual to you and your dog. No two dogs are the same so why should the training be?

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          Leading With Excellence 

Richard is a member of the Kennel Club approved instructors scheme..we follow the Kennel Club Code of Practice

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